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Having a social media presence is an absolute essential for any business in todays climate, but it can be an incredibly time consuming task. If you are struggling to come up with new content ideas, spread your brand message and build an engaged audience that want to become your customer - then our social media management packages are perfect for you.

Prices available on request.



Have you got an upcoming event, a photo shoot that you want to capture behind the scenes, or simply want to batch create eye catching video content for your social media profile? Our content days focus solely on capturing engaging video content for your account.
Combining our expertise in video production and our up to date knowledge of the latest viral video trends, you can relax while knowing we are creating content that is authentic to your brand, and that will work to get your account to the top of the ever-changing social media world.

Prices start from £499 for half a day. 


Do you struggle to communicate your brand through video content and keep up with all the viral video trends?

We specialise in creating short, snappy, engaging video content for TikToks, Instagram Reels and promotional content. Whether you want to showcase a new product launch, promote an event or simply just to create brand awareness. We offer a range of video styles to suit your needs to make scroll stopping content your audience can't help but sink their eyes into.

Check out some examples of our video work here.

Whether you have raw footage we can work with or you require a content day in which we can plan, create and produce the videos, we can create a specialised package for you.



Are you looking to start your own podcast but don't know where to begin? After hosting our own top weekly podcast for over 3 years, you can trust us to take you from point A to point Z, educating you on everything you need to know about podcasting.


We will work together to establish a unique niche and podcast aesthetic, take you through our technical guide for equipment and editing, and give you expert tips on growing your podcast, landing dream guests and brand sponsorships.


This is a 90 minute 1-1 consultation call covering your bespoke podcast strategy with an e-book full of information to take away with you to launch your podcast with confidence, £299 per session.


Does your brand need a glow up? Or just some graphic design support? Whether that’s on your socials, your website, brochures or even a new logo design. Let us handle the creativity by designing fresh new marketing assets to suit your businesses needs.

Price dependent on deliverables.



Are you a business or brand owner who feels clueless about social media?

Our social media coaching packages are perfect for struggling business owners who need the full rundown of everything you need to know to successfully run and grow your social media pages. From the basics of understanding Instagram and TikTok, establishing an effective social media strategy for your brand, to the best ways to produce eye-catching content, we can help you feel confident in using social media.

Depending on the depth of your needs and your location we can create a coaching session to suit you. Either via a 1-1 video call with your own social media training guide or if you are local to Lancashire we can host in person training.

Prices available on request.


Let's Elevate Your Business & Magnetise Your Socials

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